Prevention Plan

This page will include WORKING DRAFTS of the Prevention Plan sections--as a way to make the information available to as many partners as possible throughout the process. Some of the work here is in its VERY EARLY stages, so please take it as such.


1. We believe Buncombe County can be a resilient community free from domestic violence, sexual violence, and child abuse.

2. We believe that all people have the right to feel safe in their relationships with others.

3. We believe that violence includes physical abuse as well as non-physical, emotional abuse.

4. We believe that those impacted by violence are not at fault for the violence inflicted upon them.

5. We believe that people who perpetrate violence in our community are responsible for that violence and should be held accountable.

6. We believe that violence is preventable and knowledge is power. All community members have a right to education that helps them recognize multiple forms of violence, examine attitudes toward violence, and develop skills to intervene in violent situations.

7. We believe in healthy relationships where people resolve conflict respectfully. At any age or stage of life, people can learn skills in coping, self-regulation, and conflict resolution; these skills should be taught and modeled explicitly across our community.7.

8. We believe that Adverse Childhood Experiences have a tremendous impact on physical and emotional health across the lifespan. ACEs also greatly increases future violence victimization and perpetration. Preventing violence and trauma in childhood may be the most impactful way to break intergenerational cycles of violence and build healthier, safer communities. (expanded ACES)

9. We believe in order to prevent violence, we must actively work toward creating systems that support all individuals to have equitable power and agency in making decisions about their lives. We will dismantle laws, policies, and cultural norms that support systems of oppression.

Part 3: Goal 1:

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